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We love teaching this generation the intrinsic joy of sewing & design. Sewing is a noble, character building skill that we all LOVE engaging in. Sewing is still america's favorite past-time. Join the fun!

Hi my name is Laura. I am a Christian entrepreneur and designer in both fashion design and interior design. I stumbled upon the stitch lounge concept in 2008 during that nasty recession, while figuring a way to re-invent myself. I discovered a blog about 3 young San Franciscan entrepreneurs that opened a retail style, ‘modern-day sewing circle.’ Fascinated with the concept and a little more research, I decided that I was completely suited for the task.

That fall I started my first kids afterschool sewing class in my dining room, teaching my daughter, with down syndrome & a few of her close friends the skill of sewing & design. Fast forward… 10 years later and we are still teaching youngsters this life-long, incredible skill. As anyone can well imagine, teaching young kids sewing is very challenging. To meet this demand we pour countless hours experimenting with new & trendy project ideas. Always on the hunt for beautiful, fun & inspiring fabrics and trims. We do our darndest to set up each student for sewing success. It is a wonderful feeling to see a youngster come in the studio that has NEVER sewn before and walk out the door with that big smile of personal accomplishment. That is what has kept our doors open year after year.

This summer we have broaden our classes to include a wider variety of sewing events for the entire family. Teen Camps. Wee One Fashion Camps.(5.5 year old to 7 years old) Open Sew on select Sundays and some great new workshops! We are still the best-kept secret on North County. So…with our permission…feel free to gossip all about us!

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