Sew Inspired Plans to be open after easter!

'we will wear our masks and re-open our lives'
i miss all my precious students!

Hey Sew Inspired Families

tHEY SEW INSPIRED FAMILIES! The faster we make the “Happy Masks’ the happier we will all be! I have 3,700 bandanas arriving this next week. Pick-up kits at shop wed.-sat. 2:oo-4:00 Text with any questions!…more to come, until all of San Diego has a Happy-Mask! Dads back at work. Kids back at play with friends! 

TELL YOUR BUSINESS OWNERS FRIENDS! Let’s start working after Easter! Call your city officials and tell them you have ordered long lasting, protective masks for your employees and you want to be scheduled to be ‘open for business.’ We will make your masks ASAP. Email us your name and how many masks you need. We will contact you when you can pick-up your masks at the shop. Venmo donations for bandanas and supplies to LauraPrince-7 or the gofundme link on the new website. 

LOCAL/NORTH COUNTY SEAMSTRESSES: Pick up your kits Monday’s Wednesday’s and Fridays at Sew Inspired Studio: 10:00-12:00 (for now). EACH 24 or 48 piece kit contains: ~bandanas.  ~6.5′ x 6.5′ squares of filter/interfacing ~baggies ~small rubber bands.  Don’t forget to wash ‘n dry your batch of masks. Iron. Fold & bag each mask in a sandwich bag. Grab your kits in the  morning, make and distribute in 24-48 hours! We want RAPID start-to-finish. thx SEW much!


First Store delivery with 48 masks: Trader Joe's Bressi Ranch on Saturday

 SEAMSTRESSES: April 1: This is is my  lastest make-shift video explaining  the TOP REASONS why this STYLE of mask is superior.It does great after being WASHED & DRYED! Remember these are going to seriously washed! And everyone will need a 2 or 3!

  1. It takes 3-4 hours to make 48 masks. 
  2. The 22′ x 22′ bandana makes for a  ONE-SIZE-FITS ALL. No elastic.  No additional supplies needed!
  3. It looks good on guys, gals & kiddos
  4. The virus inhibitor interfacing ‘barbara’ discovered is cheap & sustainable. Has no chemicals in it and is made out of  ‘corn.” yes. really.  It is Vigero- Natural Weed-Blocker Fabric $20 for a 40″ x 36 ft roll in the gardening area. 
  5. It has a really snug fit and the 100% cotton fabric make for easy breathing! 
  6. Helllllooooo. It cost. $1.00 Just found a wholesale distribut

seamstresses: THESE are some of the videos that i used for my 15-day research. ...
make any style you like!......
keep up the noble work!.....they ALL ARE AMAZING!

this bandana design is superior!


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