After School

Our usual After School Program has 3 days a week to choose from. Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's. But during the month of December we will be having our Afterschool classes all 5 days of the week! Monday-Friday! All because Christmas sewing is sew much fun! Home decor, and lots of gift-making!

December Special $150 (3 sessions) 3:30-5:00

Mondays: Mixed Class 7-13 yrs (7 spots) Tuesday's: Lil' Gals 7-9yrs (4 spots)
Wednesday's: Mixed Class 7-12 yrs. SOLD-OUT!
Thursday's: Tweeners 10-13 yrs. (4 spots)
Friday's: Mixed Class: 7-13 yrs. (sold-out/waitlist)

Gift wrapping stations too!