After School

Our After School Program has 3 days of the week to choose from. Each day has a certain age group. We create seasonal items, garments and pride ourselves in great gift-making projects. Students learn the principles of design and gain lots of hands on experience of hand sewing, embroidery and using the sewing machine

2019-2020 After-School Program Starts Sept 3rd

Tuesday's: Mixed class: 7.5-12 yrs.
Wednesday's: Mixed Class 7.5-12 yrs.
Thursday's: Tweeners 10-13 yrs (waitlist forming)

$199 per month with (4 x sessions)

Please note: Our After School program is a tricky thing to run smoothly. Our teachers are so very kind to sign up for such a ‘short’ time to work each day. I schedule teachers based on the number of youngsters we have in each class. We need an 18hour notice if your student will be absent. Student’s will not be able to schedule a make-up day if we do not have an appropriate absentee notice.Thanks sew much. We conduct our make-classes for students during our Saturday Camp days. Call or text us to schedule.