OUR MISSION:Bringing awarneess & Hope to the
Disability COMMUNITY!

I love to educate my sewing students in Disability Awareness! I always try to add a little Q. & A. time to let them know how important it is to INCLUDE,  be KIND and COMPASSIONATE to those born…A LITTLE BIT different! We love to have Wheel-Chairs races after lunch! …And GUESS WHAT…we all get ‘A-Bit-Disabled’ as get old. Let’s Embraced it all! l

I have a BIG-Heart for families touched with any sort of disability. My daughter, Jasmine, has taught me SEW much. She was born with down syndrome, so consequently i have been involved in the special needs community for the past 27 years.

Earlier in the year I reached out to Joni & Friends.org (An International Disability Awareness NON-PROFIT) to see how I could volunteer to help. I discovered WHEELS FOR THE WORLD on their website. It instantly struck a cord. I am now, North County’s very own,  WHEEL CHAIR COLLECTOR. Individuals (like me) collect UNWANTED wheel chairs, all over the nation. We transport them to prisons for repairs and then they are shipped to developing countries. It is such a beautiful process!


#1. Keep your eyes open on the Next Door app or if you have any connections to nursing homes or Senior centers, they oftentimes have some chairs lingering around. Hundreds of like-new wheel chairs are discarded to the dump…everyday!

#2. Consider buying some of our beautiful, hand-made gift items. 20% of all sales, go directly to support ‘The Wheels for the World.’ 

We can mail out your gifts or you can pick them up at our home studio in San Marcos, Ca.    Just call or text 760.908.7853