Family Gift Shop

Our Family Gift Shop is a ground-breaking opportunity for our local
Special Needs Entrepreneurs!

OUR quaint gift shop is dedicated to our dear friends with special needs. These wonderful young adults need more places to enjoy society and express their hardword & creativity! Thank you in advance for your purchases at our gift shop. Gifts for moms, dads, young adults and kiddos!

Meet the Crew

Meet Jasmine:23 yrs old with down syndrome. Bright & creative! Loves making & selling her banners!

Meet Delia: 25 yrs.Paralized from the waist down. Beautiful & happy. Loves sewing banners & other gifts at the studio!

Meet Kaylee:25 yrs.little bit of asbergers. Sweet & gracious! Our Studio manager and organizer

Meet Katie: 20 yrs.Autism. Happy & smart! Artist. Creates of her art on totebags with cards to match! sew beautiful!

Meet Emily:23 yrs.little bit of autism. Hand sewn aprons, shopping bags & lots more!

Hi! This is jasmine. I help my mom with the new gift shop. we sell my beautiful banners at the shop and other cool things. Feel free to shop on-Line.
We want lots of orders so we can have more sewing jobs and running the gist shop for my friends that i went to high school with. Please tell your friends about our new place!

our great gift items

All of our banners and handmade items are one-of-a-kind. Feel free to FACETIME us and we can show you what's in stock and you can personally meet some of our amazing crew! 760.492.3931

We are happy to ship your items to you wherever you live!..obviously…we are not AMAZON so we cannot afford to include shipping for free…but we will do our best to get it to you for the best price.