Our Heart

Laura Prince

Owner & Entrepreneur of Sew Inspired.

It’s unbelievable…we are celebrating our 10th year teaching and providing our community with an ‘inspiring-place’ to sew & create!  This year we felt the need to open our studio doors wider. A need branch out and collaborate with other creative artists, designers & crafters to offer you new classes & workshops full of learning, sewing, crafting, food & entertaining fun, fashion design & interior design. A design center & create-place for all ages that promises to add even more value to what we already love doing…teaching kiddos the joy of sewing. We are welcoming other crafters, textile artists, interior & fashion designers & style-makers to show-off their skills and teach us new things that make our worlds more exciting & enriched.

With that said…my entrepreneur spirit is on the move again. Having a 22 year old daughter with Down Syndrome has inspired me to start an organization to aid and assist families with young adults special needs. These amazing guys and gals are virtually ‘left-out’ of society at large. And it’s pretty heart wrenching.The Common-Ground missions project (thecommongroundexperience.com) is committed to change the landscape of their lives. New friendships. An amazing calendar. A church experience. A volunteer driving service. Meaningful employment. The list goes on & on.  Monthly meetings happen at the Sew Inspired. Join our team! Be a change-maker.

Thank you in advance for your support of our noble business. And remember that every dollar you spend at Sew Inspired helps us stay on the move…designing & creating a better life for some very special people of the world!

-Laura Prince

Marie Lehmen

Marie is a very gifted sewing teacher and innovative quilt designer! She is an incredible person and a fantastic chef! And has the softest and sweetest way with kids!

Jasmine prince

Jasmine is Laura’s 22 year old daughter. She learned to sew at Sew Inspired & now works as a teaching assistant & growing her banner business. What a great inspiration Jasmine is to all of us.

Tere Jensen

Creator and designer at M.O.M​. Tere has spent the past 18 years creating, designing and sewing her original designs all around the globe! And she has a fantastic sense of style and charm! We love our Tere!

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