Laura Prince

Owner & Entrepreneur of Sew Inspired: Thank you SEW much for your support of our business!

Sew Inspired Teachers-helpers


Bella is a very gifted sewing teacher and loves fashion design. Bella was a student of mine 10 years ago! She is currently pursuing internships in design and attending a local college.

Jasmine prince

Jasmine is Laura’s 27 year old daughter with down syndrome. She learned to sew at Sew Inspired & now works as a teaching assistant & growing her banner business. What a great inspiration!

Tere Jensen

Creator and designer at M.O.M. Tere has spent the past 18 years creating, designing and sewing her original designs all around the globe! She has a fantastic sense of style and charm. 

It’s unbelievable…we are celebrating our 15th year in business! We have taught over 2,500 little youngsters HOW to sew & create beautiful design. Some of our past students are pursuing fashion design, interior design and visual arts careers . Sewing is one of the best life-skills anyone can have!!!

With that said…These past few years have been very challenging for all of us. I have trimmed down my sewing camps a bit… as i move into my retirement years. But my vision for kids learning to sew has not tapered off one bit!

2024 is the year I have decided to WRITE A KID’S SEWING BOOK!  With that in mind…my sewing sessions are getting a facelift!  Our Workshops and Camps now include written instructions and sometimes a ‘pattern-of-the-project. This is helping me better formulate my upcoming book and providing more incentive for my sweet little seamsters to sew AT HOME! 

Thank you SEW much for your continued support of my business! ~Laura

-Laura Prince