Saturday & Sunday Workshops

New Days and times for our weekend workshops


Did you know that with our new workshop format…PARENTS (or grand-parents) are welcome to COME!  Just for an hour or two…or for the entire sew session. NO fee. And/Or…if you WANT to make the ‘projects-of-the-day’…register and sign-up, too! A very sweet family-time-together and you will LEARN Sew MUCH!

In the past…I have ‘set-up’ students projects with a ‘FUN-&-EASY” sew experience in mind. NOW each sew-session will be geared around MAXIMUM RETENTION (of course in a fun way!) More emphasis on personal-design and ‘mastering’ a skill or sewing technique. 

New: Weekend Workshops
Saturday's 9:30-3:00 $155
AND Sunday's 12:30-4:00 $105
both days $249

Our new weekend workshops are designed for maximum education. Each camp will have a theme and a focus on the skills & techniques needed to accomplish the projects. Students will be empowered to sew these items over again AT-HOME. Ages 10-15 Bring a lunch and I will provide snacks. 

March 9 & 10: Garment Workshop. 2 styles of simple dress/tops & skirts patterns to choose from. Hair Accessories. Patterns/Instructions given. (2-SPOTS LEFT)

April 6 & 7th: A mix of Spring Projects: Skirts. Tops.  
Bunny Plushies. Pretty, pastel Flannel jammie shorts. Embroidery skills included. Ages:10-13 Patterns/Instructions given.


New: Saturday 'Master-The-Craft' Workshops 9:30-3:00 $155

Our ‘longer’ Saturday workshops are designed for more learning. Master-The-Craft! Ages: 10-14

Saturday Feb. 24th: Spring Top and Fleece bag.

Saturday March 16: ‘Annies’ Gathered Top. STUDENTS MUST HAVE SOME SEWING EXPERIENCE for this session. We will make a very cute ‘peasant-blouse.’ Mastering ‘How-to-work-with-Elastic in garments. Patterns/Instructions given. (4 SPOTS LEFT)

Saturday March 30: Spring skirt. T-shirt Art. A special embroidery project! Ages9-13

April 13th:
Bring your Own Stuffed Animal to make them clothes and beds…Freestyle sewing! (mini-squishmellows): NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 

May 4th:
American Girl Doll Camp (& Mother’s Day Surprise!!!) 9-13. You will be making sleeping bags/pillows and a little wrap skirt/crop top.

New: Sunday-Funday 12:30-4:00 $105 Beginners Welcome!

This workshop is designed for our younger seamsters. Projects are super fun and easy. Your little seamster will take home written instruction for each project made. I will provide afternoon healthy snacks. Ages:6.5-10

Feb. 25: Sunday-Funday. We will make a pencil skirt or a flair skirt with hair accessories.
April 21: Sunday-Funday. Squishmellows. And bring your own critter to dress-up!
May 5th: Sunday-Funday. American Girl Dolls Fun! We will be making your doll sleeping bags/pillows and a sweet little dress.(Mother’s Day Surprise)
Parents or grandparents are welcome to join your youngster. Please call/text beforehand.