friday & Saturday Camps

'lil Gals and young tweens(7.5-12yrs.) project camps:10:30-2:00 $99

Our Friday & Saturday Project Camps (7.5-12 years old) are geared for kids that have never sewn before or the kiddos that want to ‘keep learning!’  Our Holiday Camps will be full of Thanksgiving home decor and wonderful, heart-warming gift-giving projects for the Christmas season. 


Saturday Camp Dates: 10:30-2:00

November 7 (sold-out) November 14 (sold-out) November 21 (sold out)= Thanksgiving Keepsakes
December 5 (sold-out) December 12 (sold-out) December 19 (sold-out)= Christmas gift-making

 FRIDAY CAMP DATES: 10:30-2:00

November 6 (sold-out)        November 13  (sold-out)          

December 4 (sold-out)     December 11 (5 spots)

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TWEENER AND TEEN (12-16 YRS) & 'Lil Gals (9-11 years)

denim jumpers. classic pleated skirts. fleece & flannel vest. t-shirt graffiti .

During the Summer, we discovered that many of our students want to sew clothing.  And to challenge them, we are continuing our garment camps. I have found classic patterns that the gals can (hopefully) make in one session. Students MUST HAVE SOME SEW EXPERIENCE. (Private lessons will be available on FRIDAY’S) and hopefully campers have a sewing machine at home, in case they do not finish the entire garment, they can do the finishing-details at home. Our goal: Students begin to understand commercial patterns and have enough skills to SEW-AT-HOME! Separate Garment Camps for Tweeners & Teens (12-16) and for our “Lil Gals (9-11 yrs)

Tween/Teen Nov. 7 (5 spots) 'Lil Gals Nov. 14 (3 spots) Tween/Teen Dec. 5 (1 spot) 'Lil Gals Dec. 12 (1 spot)