Summer Camps 2019

10:30-2:00 Bring a lunch each day $299

WE LOVE SUMMER CAMPS! Each 3-Day camp is full of learning and fun! Each camp is a mix of trendy and practical projects! We have a brand-new lunch or all-purpose hobo bag. Emergency travel kit complete with a wild assortment of bandaids! A super cute llama softie. A ‘family’ gift. Scrunchies…and more!                                                   

Camp dates updated last on: August 9

Lil’ Gals: (ages 7.5-9 years old) Camp Dates:    

AUG. 27, 28 & 29 (3 spots)

Tweeners (Ages 10-13) Camp dates:  

Aug. 13, 14th & 15th (sold out)        

 Aug. 20, 21 & 22 (sold out)

AUG 27-29 (3 spots)

We love summer!
Kids love our Summer Sew Camps!
Ages 7.5-13 years old!
Sewing builds self-esteem and is an incredible life skill!
We make a HUGE MESS
...too many choices of creative elements!!! HELP!

Summer Camp Dates

  • Lil" Gals 7.5-9 Tweeners 10-13 years olds | CAMP TIMES: 10:30-2:00
    Summer Camp dates now posted! Grab your SPOT, NOW!